The Bodyology Method: Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

Hello! We are Bodyology, the new wellness clinic in town. We offer two very distinct categories of services, our Bodyology skin, which meets all your aesthetic needs, and our Bodyology Method that focuses on pain management, athletic injury rehabilitation, and testosterone replacement therapy.

Unlike some other clinics that might tell you they are your one-stop-shop for fixing all your life’s problems, we pride ourselves on honesty, transparency, and the ability to work well with others. All of our therapies are complementary to other treatments you might be receiving elsewhere, for example, massages and/or chiropractic care. And even though we can’t fix the tension you have going on with your neighbor regarding who’s lawn is better, we can alleviate the back pain you get every time you spend hours putting new flowers in the beds. So let’s break down the Bodyology Method program for you so that you can get a better understanding of what exactly we do.

Bodyology method was born after we realized that there was something big missing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area; a wellness clinic that could effectively treat (not just a band-aid) injuries non-invasively, and without prescription medications, using a scientifically proven method.

So, we assembled our staff, including a Doctor who has been in practice for over 30 years, a Nurse Practitioner with 9 years experience in the Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care setting, a Physical Therapist who has been treating patients since she could remember, and a wonderful nursing staff all with a background of multiple years in the ICU. Why are our backgrounds so important? Well, we understand that pain is real, and our patients experience it every day, but we are often frustrated because the only thing we can offer our patients for their pain is medication. Medication is great at first, but then constipation, sleepiness, and risk of addiction is mentioned and suddenly it doesn’t seem like such a great long-term solution.

Laser Therapy

What is a group of frustrated healthcare professionals to do? Well, we did a lot of research and found a pretty awesome laser (you can call it a high dose laser) that’s used to treat pain in all different forms, so if you have had back pain for 10 years, or your foot has been throbbing for 10 days, this laser can help you. How? It penetrates deep below the surface of your skin and activates the natural healers your body has, aka your white blood cells, growth factors, and stem cells. Your body is able to extract energy from the laser beam and use it to its advantage, rapidly increasing your healing, and cutting your recovery times by 50-75%. Pretty awesome.

This high dose laser is able to provide some versatile laser medicine. Patients who have neuropathy (that pesky pins and needles feeling you get in your feet in hands) benefit from the laser because it’s the only medical laser proven to treat nerve pain better than medications. How about a wound that you have had for a long time that just never seems to heal right? Your doctor might have tried negative pressure wound therapy and sent you to a wound care clinic, but your wound might persist despite all the treatment that’s thrown at it. Our laser therapy has been proven in research studies to heal wounds that have not responded positively to other treatments.

One more point to make on this amazing high dose laser therapy we have. It is a really great tool for you (or if you’re a medical provider, your patients) when everything else has failed. Been on every medication under the sun and the pain still persists? Have you tried going to the chiropractor and the pain doesn’t get better? Has your doctor told you that surgery is likely your only option? Come give our laser a try before you give up all hope. We like a good challenge.

Acoustic Wave Therapy

So back to Bodyology method…we have this amazing laser, and some really incredible staff, but then what? Well, we did some more research and found that there is another incredible machine that has been FDA approved that produces acoustic waves called the Zimmer Z-Wave.

What are acoustic waves and why should you care about them? These waves travel deep below the surface of your skin where the device is placed and break up inflammation and junk that collects in your tissues, typically over time, and after some type of an injury. Work on your feet a lot? If your feet are killing you at the end of the day, chances are you have a good amount of gunk and inflammation built up in them, the acoustic waves can break this stuff apart and get you on the path to relief. Have some previously diagnosed arthritis in your lower back? Again, the acoustic waves can work their magic just about anywhere and get you feeling a thousand times better than you did when you first walked through the door.

We’ve got a laser, awesome staff, and some amazing acoustic waves, but there was something missing. We really wanted to be able to target those pesky trigger points (also known as muscle knots) that unfortunately most everyone in this world has experienced at some point. Massage can help to loosen them, but we wanted something that could break them apart for good by treating their root cause.

Dry Needle Therapy

The answer was dry needling. Dry needling is nothing new; it’s been around for about 30 years, not to mention its safe and effective. The key is to receive a dry needling treatment by a physical therapist that has been trained in the therapy; you definitely don’t want someone who learned his or her technique from the Internet. Aside from breaking apart pesky knots in the muscle, this treatment can ease pains in the joints, improve oxygen and blood flow to your tissues, and allow you to recover much more quickly from a sports injury.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

One last addition to our Bodyology Method that we decided was important to offer is our testosterone replacement therapy. Healthy levels of testosterone affect how we age and how we feel as we age. If levels fall to those that are below normal, it can cause side affects, such as decreased muscle mass, insomnia, and the loss of a sex drive you once enjoyed. It’s as simple as scheduling an appointment to have your blood work performed and having a one-on-one consultation with one of our medical providers to see if you are a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.

Our Method. Your Results.

To summarize the Bodyology Method, we are in the business of healing you from the inside out. We have brought together the most advanced treatments available that focus on your pain management, athletic injury rehabilitation, and testosterone replacement needs. You can now receive the all-inclusive care you desire in one place by trustworthy, experienced, trained, and certified medical staff.

Bodyology Method: Our Method. Your Results.

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