The art of being comfortable in your own skin

PRP Biofacial

Enjoy the ultimate age-rewinding facial that infuses your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the skin to boost collagen production, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve texture, and even out skin tone. Take your results even further with a microneedling session to further stimulate cell turnover and repair. Your results will last up to a year, and there is minimal downtime compared other similar treatments.

Facial Infusions

Experience the feeling of giving your skin the drink its been craving with our facial infusion treatment. Chose from one of our six blends: Rejuvenate, Hydrate, Lighten, Clarify, Growth Factor, and Vitamin C. Unlike Most topical products that simply sit on the surface, our infusion process gently pushes your formula into the deeper layers of the skin where collagen production and new cell formation occur.

The following are the active ingredients found in our facial infusions:

Sympeptide, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, and SNAP-8 are the powerful active ingredients found in our Rejuvenate that work to increase keratin, so your skin looks younger and refreshed, whereas the rich amino acid complex prevents future lines and wrinkles by firming the skin.

Kojic acid is a non-toxic lightening agent that also has antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Lactic and Salicylic Acid help to treat current breakout and prevent future ones

Vitamin C:
Active Vitamin C with 2% Ethyl Ascrobic Acid act as antioxidants and reduce the damage caused by free radicals

Growth Factor:
A mix of growth factors that boost skin turnover giving you a glowing and more youthful appearance work together with moisturizers, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins to bring you this amazing facial infusion.

Hyaluronic acid molecules allows you to moisturize the top surface layers of skin as well as those found deep down, giving you firmer, more hydrated appearance. This infusion also contains Vitamin A, allowing you to fight off UV damage and proving your skin with antioxidants so it looks and feels its best.


Microneedling is the ultimate fix for acne scarring, uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, fine lines, and sun damage.  This minimally invasive treatment boosts collagen; giving your skin a plumper, younger appearance that’s noticeable both immediately after treatment and for up to six months after.


Botox and Dysport

Take years off your face without surgery or downtime! Botox and Dysport both work to relax the muscles in our face that can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Our certified nurse injector will start out with a consultation to better understand what you want to achieve with Botox and Dysport. We will also provide you with take home instructions to help you achieve the most out of your treatment.


As we age, we lose volume to our cheeks and lips that once gave us a youthful appearance. Filler requires very minimal downtime and delivers instant results. Our certified nurse injector will begin with a consultation to first understand what brings you in and help to show you how your features or bothersome areas can be enhanced with filler. You will always be provided with take home instructions so that you attain the best results.

Lipotrophic Injections

Your perfect weekly energy and fat burning boost! Benefits include an improved breakdown of body fat, liver detoxification, and a decrease in fatigue.


Body Contouring

Let our FDA approved Z-Wave Acoustic Wave Therapy help you lose inches and achieve a firmer appearance. One of our license and trained medical staff will apply the treatment to your troublesome areas using a hand-held wand that emits waves. As the waves travel deep beneath the surface of the skin, they loosen built-up chemicals within the fat cells. As build up is broken down, the fat cells shrink in size, and the waste is flushed out through the lymphatic system. The waves also stimulate the production of collagen, which makes the treated areas appear smoother and younger.

IV Rehydration Therapy

Feeling sluggish, tired, or dehydrated? IV Rehydration therapy can help replace the vitamins, electrolytes, and water you lose when you’re trying to maintain a busy and healthy lifestyle. If a hard workout or a long flight have you feeling worn down and not your best, come see us for a quick, customizable pick-me-up that takes about an hour and provides you with instant results.

Airbrush Tanning

Glowing skin is always in style! Our airbrush application is delicate, tailored to your body shape and curves, and always applied by hand. We offer several shades to chose from, including an organic and vegan friendly blend.

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