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At Bodyology, our goal is for you to feel comfortable in your own skin. We believe everyone can and should live their best lives. When your body no longer represents the way you feel inside, it can have a material impact on your wellbeing. Men who experience difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection can experience anxiety, shame, or depression, all of which may exacerbate the problem.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is when a man cannot achieve a firm enough erection to allow sexual intercourse. While this happens periodically to many men during times of extreme stress, ED is diagnosed when the problem is persistent. While this can be devastating to his self-confidence, over time, it can impact relationships and lead to depression.

ED Symptoms

Many times, men who are experiencing ED are reticent to speak to their doctors about the problem. However, that is the first step to eliminating more serious health problems and getting you the right treatment. Speak with your physician if you experience any of the following:

  • Difficulty or inability to get an erection
  • Difficulty or inability to maintain an erection
  • An erection that lacks rigidity or firmness enough to achieve penetration
  • Lack of interest in sex

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

ED can have an emotional impact on couples. The man experiencing it can feel a sense of failure, while the partner may feel a sense of rejection or believe it reflects on their desirability. Causes are most commonly due to blood flow, hormones, or the ability of the nerves to receive impulses. Some of the health problems that are known to result in erectile dysfunction are cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, or low testosterone.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

For men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy can have a profound effect on their lives. It can increase their sex drive and allow them to have normal erections. Some men report an increase in energy and muscle mass with a reduction in body fat. Testosterone replacement therapy for erectile dysfunction may also have the beneficial effect of increased mood and thinking ability.

At Bodyology, our medical staff will work with you to tailor testosterone replacement therapy to your specific needs. We will continue to monitor your testosterone levels throughout treatment to ensure that you are receiving the optimal treatment to keep you living your best life. When you are ready to reenergize your healthy, active life, contact our experienced staff about our testosterone replacement therapy and other treatments to get and keep you feeling youthful and vibrant.

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