Current Trends in Aesthetic Treatments

Curious about what’s on the rise in minimally invasive beauty?

How does that co-worker always keep their skin looking fresh and young? Maybe they have been taking advantage of the top aesthetic treatments available in Dallas-Fort Worth. Read below to find out how you can be in with the trends of the rich and famous.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

The facial that uses your own blood to turn back the hands of time might seem insane or too good to be true, but its certainly trending and not as scary as it sounds! PRP facials should only be performed in a clean clinical setting and by trained and certified staff.

At Bodyology, one of our nurses or nurse practitioner will start by taking some of your blood and spinning it in a special machine that separates your blood and plasma. Plasma contains the natural healing powers of the human body, including stem cells and growth factors, which is why this facial is one of the most powerful you can find.

Your plasma is then infused into the deep layers of your skin with a special brush head and suction technique. Once deep inside your skin, your stem cells and growth factors go to work, causing cells to regenerate and turn over at a much faster rate than they would on their own. As your skin begins to self-repair, collagen is simultaneously being boosted and the skin tone begins to even out.

Our PRP facial requires less downtime than other more invasive facials that infusion plasma into the skin.  The best part is that the look of younger skin will last up to three months with one treatment, and with three treatments, patients can expect their results to last up to a year.  No wonder this treatment has been so popular in 2019!

Take your PRP facial a step further by adding microneedling or a medical laser treatment following your facial. Both will further enhance cell regeneration and repair, making your results even greater than they would be with PRP alone!

Fillers and Lip Injections

2019 is all about those instant results that look natural. A great way to achieve a subtle enhancement of your features, or even a non-invasive facelift, is through the use of fillers.

Fillers are referred to as “liquid implants”, so it is very important that you search for a clean clinic that has certified and trained cosmetic injectors. Clinics that advertise a cheap price may come at a big risk; if fillers are not injected properly, there is a big risk of infection or unsatisfying results.

At Bodyology, our certified and trained nurses and nurse practitioner always begin with a face-to-face consultation to understand what you are trying to achieve with the use of fillers. According to IAPAM, lip injections specifically took the cake for 2019 as they ranked in as one of the most popular facial features patients chose to enhance.

There are several types of fillers to chose from, and your injector should be knowledgeable regarding how much water weight the product holds as this will determine how intense of a result you will achieve. For instance, at Bodyology, we inject Voluma to the cheeks as it is a heavier product that looks more natural in cheekbones since that area of your face can handle fullness better than your lips and laugh lines. For your lips and laugh lines, we use Juvaderm, as the product is much lighter and will not swell to great extremes if you happen to eat some salty food and drink some beer on a fun night out.

Although filler can be expensive, patients justify the cost by understanding that results last up to one year. Even better, you don’t have to wait for weeks to see your results; in fact, results are immediate and most patients report they require very minimal downtime after their injection to be able to return to work/normal life.

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Body Contouring

Gone are the days of needing invasive surgical procedures like liposuction to reduce inches and tone curves. The FDA has approved several devices for body contouring, but not all are created equal.

One example is CoolSculpting. Although the treatment is FDA approved, there are negative side effects including pain at the treatment site and an uneven appearance to the treated area that is permanent. Also FDA approved is Vanquish radiofrequency body contouring which uses heat to eliminate unwanted fat; however, reported side effects include abdominal pain especially around the belly button.

At Bodyology, we offer FDA approved Zimmer Acoustic Wave Therapy for body contouring. Our acoustic wave therapy treatment consists of one of our trained and certified staff applying a hand-held device to the patients skin; the sensation of the treatment is compared to a medical massage. In clinical trials, the acoustic waves were able to decrease inches, reduce the thickness of the fat tissue, and lessen the severity of cellulite from 60% to 38%. Additionally, 90% of the patients in the study stated they would undergo acoustic wave therapy again, 89% were satisfied with their results, and non reported any adverse events.

If reducing the appearance of cellulite and decreasing inches off your trouble spots isn’t enough to convince you, acoustic wave therapy also stimulates collagen production, so your treated areas appear tighter and firmer.

No adverse effects, smooth and even results, and safe? No wonder this therapy made the list of most popular 2019 aesthetic treatments!

Neuromodulator Treatments (AKA Botox and Dysport)

Who wouldn’t prefer a few tiny pokes to a full-blown face-lift? Its 2019 people, and you have the ability to look 10 years younger thanks to neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport.

How do these powerful drugs work? When Botox or Dysport is injected into your muscle by a certified, trained, and experienced injector, the drug actually destroys the nerves that control the muscle they were injected into. Why on earth are we killing nerves? Without overactive nerves, your muscle is able to relax, meaning your face appears softer and your wrinkles and lines become less apparent.

The fact that these medications are intended to affect the muscles on your face means that you should remember this saying “Good Botox is never cheap, and cheap Botox is never good”.  At Bodyology, we are proud to offer competitive pricing on our Botox and Dysport, and our membership allows you to get even better deals than non-members, however, we are proud to say we will never be the “cheapest in town” and for good reason. Your Botox and Dysport are always injected in a clean clinical setting and by a trained and certified staff member.

Come see us today for your one-on-one consultation to see if Botox or Dysport might be right for you and how you can start looking years younger after just one appointment!

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