Before and After Photo Gallery

Organic Airbrush Tanning

This is a client in the age range of Teens-20’s who received one session of Organic Airbrush Tanning with the custom formula, Organic Cosmo Light. Our airbrush technician customizes each formula according to the patient’s skin tone, hair color, and eye color, and per client preference, can perform a number of passes in order to achieve the desired effect.


This is a client in her 30’s-40’s who desired to decrease her nasolabial folds and even out some dimples in her chin. The client was injected with a total of 1 syringe (1 mL) of Juvederm Voluma (a hyaluronic filler) to both of her cheekbones; by lifting her cheeks, it decreased the amount of filler that was needed around her nasolabial folds, which provided the client with a more natural look. Her areas of concern in her chin were able to be filled in as well. This is a wonderful example of how a single syringe of filler can provide desired effects to several problem areas.

This is a client in her 40’s-50’s who already had naturally full lips, but she desired to have her smoker’s lines above her lips filled in and even out the overall appearance of her pout. A total of 1 syringe (1 mL) of Juvederm Ultra (a hyaluronic filler) was injected to fill in the fine lines around her lips, even out her lips by adding fullness to the left lower lip and give her a “happy lift” by placing filler in the corners of her mouth to make her face appear more relaxed.

Hydrafacial Microinfusion

This is a client in her 30’s-40’s who received a Hydrafacial Microinfusion. A mixture of hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, Aloe, Green Tea, White Tea, and Grape Seed Antioxidant is infused using light suction and a microneedle brush head. Our delivery system allows the mixture to penetrate into the client’s skin versus sit on the surface as many other facials can. Some light microdermabrasion also occurs during the infusion of the product, giving an instant improvement in skin texture and an overall glow.

Facial Infusion

Bodyology Facial Infusion Before and After

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